Private Equity and Entrepreneurship at Tuck

Regional Venture Capital Investment Competition: First Place Goes to Tuck!

Tuck School of Business wins first place in the Venture Captial Investment Competition regional finals.On February 10, 2017, a team of Tuck students traveled to Boston to compete against top New England MBA programs in the Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC), the world’s largest venture capital competition with over 70 universities participating. Coached by the directors and two senior fellows of the Center for Private Equity and Entrepreneurship (CPEE), Tuck’s six-person team of first- and second-year students came away with a clear victory, securing them a place in the global finals in April.
The team, pictured from left to right, includes: Lauren Alpeyrie T’17, Joe Henderson T’18, Guneet Sangha T’18, Emily Snyder T’17, Jeff Mullen T’17, and Zoltan Czinkoczky T’18. Their CPEE-affiliated coaches represent both a wealth of knowledge in the industry and a real-life example of the inspiring Tuck/Dartmouth alumni network: Daniella Reichstetter T’07 and Tom Blaisdell T’89, executive directors; Richard Green D’75 and Phil Ferneau D’84, T’96, senior fellows.

1 Million Cups

Ken Martin T’17 and Steve Spangler, co-founders of Simple Science Juices, present the mission and vision of their company, Simple Science Juices, as part of 1 Million Cups (1MC), an initiative created by the Kauffman Foundation to offer local startups the opportunity to present their companies to a diverse audience of mentors, advisors, and entrepreneurs.

The Pitch: Two Minutes to Make an Impression

Five teams from Building Entrepreneurial Ventures (Profs. Kahl & Reichstetter) won prize money this fall pitching their venture ideas at various pitch competitions around campus. In the video from The Pitch hosted by DALI, we hear from David Washer T’17, G’17, presenting his healthcare price transparency app ClearPay, the recipient of the people’s choice award. Earlier in the fall, The Yoke, Honeycomb, GeoQuiz and The DART all won DEN Founders Grant prizes. Additional prizes were awarded to four students for their Tuck Idea Generation pitches, with Shawn Li T’18, G’18 winning first place for his coffee creamer concept, Creamstick.

Student Stories

The Sage of Omaha: Words of Wisdom from Warren Buffett

Erica Toews T'18 describes life lessons from Warren Buffett, after the Investment Club took 20 Tuck students to Omaha, Nebraska to meet him.
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Extra-Ordinary Companies

"Led by students, Tuck industry treks are amazing ways to travel, explore industries, and engage with company leaders," says Erica Toews T'18, who returned to Hanover feeling invigorated after the entrepreneurship and venture capital (VC) trek to New York.
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Q&A: Student-Led Zippity Brings Car-Care to You

Zippity is an entrepreneurial First Year Project (FYP) that provides a subscription car-care service at one’s place of work. Zippity came to be when co-founders Russell Walker T’17 and Ed Warren T’17 realized they had the exact same idea: a subscription care-care service. Ultimately the two were put in touch, realized they were working on very similar projects, and decided to combine forces.
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Can You Start a Business in the Woods?

Justin is co-founder of Bae (Before Anyone Else), a mobile matchmaking app curated for people of color. Bae won first place at the 13th annual Dartmouth Ventures Competition and he will be pursuing the venture full time during the summer. Justin is a graduate of Harvard College (Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology).
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Building a Startup While at Tuck

FliQ is my startup. We want to change the way that people interact and exchange information. FliQ started as a pitch at a Dartmouth start-up weekend (three-day event at the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network (DEN) where you pitch, form a team, and work on building a company for three days). We got second place (out of 60 original ideas) and that is where I met my technical co-founder, Orestis Lykouropoulos D’17.
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