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This Is Your Life, Brought to You by Private Equity

New York Times

Since the financial crisis, the private equity industry has become hugely influential. Here’s how it plays out in your daily life.

When You Dial 911 and Wall Street Answers

New York Times

Since the 2008 financial crisis, private equity firms have increasingly taken over public services like emergency care and firefighting, often with dire effects.

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to the MBA

Sarah Asp Olson

B-school isn't just for investment bankers.Educators and entrepreneurs discuss the benefits of business education for founders and innovators.

Right Tech, Wrong Time.

Ron Adner and Rahul Kapoor

An opinion piece co-authored by Ron Adner examines the shifts in technology that disrupt businesses and industries and the importance of timing these transitions.

The Wide Lens: A New Strategy for Innovation

Ron Adner

The Wide Lens: What Successful Innovators See that Others Miss has been heralded as a path-breaking guide to successful innovation in an interdependent world. Among other honors, it was named...

When CEOs Are Accidentally Overpaid

Noah Smith, Bloomberg View

A study by Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Richard Townsend looks at how stock options granted to CEOs do not change yearly, which makes their pay grow over time.

Dartmouth Business School Sends First-Years Into Community To Help Local Nonprofits

Vermont Public Radio

Every year before the start of semester, first year students at Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business go out into local nonprofits. They use their business know-how to help restructure projects...